About Us

Millennial is a student-run organisation connecting ambitious and driven students from diverse academic backgrounds with innovative SMEs and start-ups.

Every semester, we hire students for a two months volunteer project. Through the project, we empower them to transform
theoretical insight into real business impact with tools and advice from established consultancies and mentors.

Our Team

Olivia Lyng

Head of Millennial and Head of Operations

Emilija Bogdanoviciute

Operations Manager

Joachim Enegaard

Operations Manager

Cristina Losi

Head of Recruitment

Hoai My Nicole Vu

Recruitment Manager

Giorgia Santucci

Recruitment Manager

Katrine Ken

Head of Communication

Fabiola Battistini

Communication Manager

Diana Izabela Ilie

Communication Manager

Johanne Alice Lindholm

Head of Partnerships

Thao Ngo

Partnerships Manager

Anders Lykke Thomsen

Partnerships Manager

Martin Weinzierl

Head of Finance